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The ORIGINAL Jussie Smollett and Social Capitalism │█║▌ 𝙼𝙰𝙽𝚈 𝙿𝙴𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚂⁵⁰ is now available for download. RIP Peter Coffin. :DevilLOL:

Leftist unity will come through kindness & respect for oppressed people, not the expectation that they tolerate as much cruelty & dehumanization as they can stomach.

If kindness or respect can doom your grand plans for fighting fascists or toppling capitalism to total failure, your plans are shit. Make better ones.

Remember, Youtubers: it doesn't matter how good your editing skills get if you become so overwhelmed by the process that you stop making videos. :youtube:

You've made far more than one bigoted tweet. There's nothing amazing about Danny blocking your disingenuous ass.

Surprise! Leftists don't want to talk to you! :DevilEyes:

If you're ok with children living in cages, I'm ok with you dying in one.

Whoops, turns out the Pro-Incel livestream is on Vaush's channel. It's was renamed "inebriated debate" though, so it flew under the radar. I'll link to it here, & delete the file from my server to leave room for future deleted shitshows. :DevilInnocent:

Behold! Vaush's misogynistic Pro-Incel livestream that's now mysteriously absent from his Youtube channel. I can't imagine why he wouldn't want people to see it. Good thing I was there to capture the shitshow on film. :not_so_fast:

Leftist my ass.

Remember when Vaush posted this transphobic shit, then spent 5 hours on a livestream refusing to apologize & throwing tantrum after tantrum? I caught the first 4 hours of it on video, & here it is.

Enjoy! :rip:

Remember back in February when Peter Coffin & Angie Speaks defended serial rapist, Laurelai Bailey on a livestream that turned into such a shitshow they not only deleted it but issued copystrikes on anyone who reuploaded it on Youtube?


Copystrike this, bitch. :KittyFinger:

If site images aren't showing up in Chrome, click the link at the bottom, tell Chrome to trust my shitty site certificate, then everything should be fine.

Satan is such a pessimist. He sees his bowl as half empty, and meows as if it were completely empty. :KittySob:

Most of my posts will remain locked, but there are definitely some I'll put out in the open from now on.

Only now realized that locked accounts have the option of making some posts public. This truly is a beta for us all. :KittyFacePalm:

Demon Army

We are the demon army of social justice.