In what manner should the come? :DevilSmirk:

Peter Coffin's long forgotten music career. CW for domestic violence.

@steeliestllama Hey, does this mean you made a Youtube channel? :DevilEyes:

@steeliestllama I don't understand how they think it's an improvement. The CTR stuff, sure, but only because "classic" doesn't have it. :glare:

@Erydactyl You could post more, and then there's be more happening. :winky:

Always remember if there's a server outage, you can get updates on the main website:

Who wants to watch Vaush spend over 3 hours throwing another temper tantrum? This time there's some ableism thrown in for some extra spice. Yummy! :blobcatpopcorn:

BreadTube is disavowing Vaush because he was transphobic, specifically, against ThoughtSlime
- one of their elite. I guarantee if this drama began because of an exchange with someone like me, he'd be fine right now. It's a hierarchy issue, nothing more.

Please remember that before this week the BreadTube community already knew that Vaush was a sexual predator who was still harassing his victims, & gloating over his ability to continue doing Youtube after hurting them, already knew he was a zoophile, already knew he called for the genocide of native POC, & already had 4 hours of proof that he's a transphobe.

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