Behold! Vaush's misogynistic Pro-Incel livestream that's now mysteriously absent from his Youtube channel. I can't imagine why he wouldn't want people to see it. Good thing I was there to capture the shitshow on film. :not_so_fast:

Leftist my ass.

Whoops, turns out the Pro-Incel livestream is on Vaush's channel. It's was renamed "inebriated debate" though, so it flew under the radar. I'll link to it here, & delete the file from my server to leave room for future deleted shitshows. :DevilInnocent:

@Lilith Do I want to watch this? Vaush is cringe.

@Skypie Well... it's definitely cringey. Not sure what else you'd expect. It's Vaush. :KittyShrug:

@Skypie The incel part is only about an hour. I have no idea what happened for the rest of it. :DevilThink2:

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